How often do women in Central New York shave their legs in the winter? We asked and they answered.

Surprisingly, out of the women surveyed, shaving daily, even in the winter was the top answer. I don't even shave every day in the Summer! I fall into the once a week category or when I can't stand the itch, especially in the Winter. Only 11% put up the razor until Spring and almost 14% need a special occasion or a reason, like getting a pedicure or going to the doctor.

Here's the full breakdown.

Daily - 23%
Every other day - 18.5%
Depends/Special Occasions - 13.8%
Once a Month - 12%
Once - 11%
Never - 10%
Once a week - 8%
Every few weeks - 2.7%

It's not just a ladies thing either. A few male co-workers are letting their facial hair grow until Spring.

Here's some of the best answers to 'How often do you shave in the winter Ladies?'

Kim Sterling- DeMetro: For god sakes what do you think holds my knee socks up in the winter

Anneliese Urtz Carinci: Wait, there are women who actually shave their legs in the winter

Katherine Farmer: date night.... soooooo at least once a month

Gina Francesca: When my husband says I keep itching him at night

Anne Laterza Waters: I go on vacation in 24 days...I'll shave them in 23 days

Justine Rose O'Brien: I only shave my legs when absolutely necessary in the winter. Love me and my hair or love nothing

Kimberly Robertson: when I can braid it!

Jordyn Allyssa: Only when I have to show them off

Robin Collins: Once a year, right before Polly's All Nighter

Amanda Martell-Irizarry: Every day! God forbid I'm in an accident or something

Brittney Townsend: I've never understood why this is? I think its a part of hygiene. Do it when it needs to be done. Not when you see deer running through them!!

Sue Britton: I wax. Usually once a month. Winter time I stretch it out until even a monkey would be ashamed


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