If you need to fuel up, it may be wise to avoid one particular gas station in Onondaga right now. Cars have had thousands in damage caused by the gas they've pumped.

Two fears many drivers have regarding the fuel in their car are running out of gas and pumping bad gas into your car. Running out can certainly leave you stranded, and in certain parts of Central New York, you could even be stranded without a cell signal. Pumping bad gasoline into your car's tank could end up being even worse than that, as now you're stranded and will need a tow. Along with having to open up your wallet.

Well, for numerous drivers in Central New York, that is indeed what has happened. Syracuse.com reports that as many as 9 drivers have experienced engine issues with their vehicles not too long after pumping fuel at one gas station located in Onondaga. That gas station is more specifically located at 5084 Velasko Road. The name of that fuel-up spot is B&K Food Mart.

What could be the cause of all of this? Well, none other than all of the storms we have been experiencing. Storms have caused water to seep into the fuel reservoirs underneath the ground. That caused one woman $1,300 in damage to her motor.

The DEC has been notified and testing on the fuel is being done. As of this moment, it doesn't seem as if a repair has been made. It may be wise to avoid buying fuel from this gas station at the moment.

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