A Utica boy had a magical birthday thanks to illusionist Leon Etienne.

Mack was turning 7 and his uncle, Tom wanted to make it a special one. So Tom reached out to Leon Etienne, asking if he could stop by. "I didn't hesitate," said Leon.

Leon performed on the front porch while the family watched safely from their living room.  It's easy to see Mack loved every second of it from the look on his face.

Photo Credit - Leon Etienne

Leon even left behind a few gifts for Mack on his birthday, including an autographed card and magic kit.

Photo Credit - Leon Etienne

It's hard to tell who had more fun; the kid celebrating his birthday or the big kid on the porch. "It was awesome. For all involved," said Leon.

Photo Credit - Leon Etienne

Leon Etienne has brought magic all over the world, performing from coast to coast in the U.S. and in dozens of countries, including England, Ireland, France, China, and Australia. If you want to bring a little magic into your life and live in the Central New York area, you can contact Leon Etienne at Leon@MagicRocks.com. He will make it happen in a safe, socially distance way.

"Now more than ever, this world needs magic in it."

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