According to recent statistics, hunting ranks among the safest of outdoor sports. However, that isn't always the case.

According to the National Bowhunter Education Foundation, more than 90 percent of bowhunters use some type of treestand for hunting. It’s estimated one in every three hunters who hunt from an elevated platform will likely suffer a treestand-related injury at some point in their hunting career. While you're using these tree stands, you have to remember proper safety tips.

1) Be sure to select the proper tree before hanging a fixed-position stand or using a climbing stand.

2) Never choose to hunt from a tree stand without a secure and high-quality safety harness. This will save you more times than you can imagine.

3) When hunting from a fixed position or hang-on stand always inspect the ladder steps and tree stand attachments to make sure everything is tightly secured to the tree.

4) Always use a haul line to pull-up your gear, bow or unloaded firearm. Never climb with anything in your hands or attached to your back.

5) Be aware of slippery and hazardous climbing conditions that may result from rain, sleet, snow or ice and take the appropriate precautions.



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