Hunter Hayes partnered with Country Now for a stripped-down performance of one of his biggest hits at Nashville's Blackbird Studio, which is premiering on Taste of Country.

Hayes and his band stopped by the fast-becoming-legendary studio — where he recorded his new single, "21," as well as much of his Storyline album — to tape an acoustic performance of "I Want Crazy" for Country Now's Live From Blackbird sessions.The studio version of the song appeared on the Hunter Hayes (Encore) edition of his debut album, and reached No. 2 on both Billboard's Country Airplay and Hot Country Songs charts.

"I think I've just come to the conclusion that crazy love is another way of saying real love," Hayes tells Taste of Country. "I believe that when you find the right person you become excited about the little moments with them, you will do anything to be with them, they inspire you, the feelings you have for them gives you a renewed energy and it's not obsessive but just passionate about having this person in your life, it feels crazy but I'd prefer to just call it love. I don't believe in settling, I believe there's someone for everyone that will make them feel a little crazy, in a good way."

The performance captured Hayes and his band in an informal, but still very impressive performance of the song, highlighting Hayes' fleet-fingered acoustic runs and strong vocal performance.

Hayes is one of a growing number of artists from both the country music community and beyond who have come to rely on Blackbird, which is owned by John and Martina McBride.

"Blackbird is literally a studio where anything is possible," he enthuses. "There are so many different spaces to choose from and they all have a different vibe so it's fun to change it up — especially when you spend months at a time in the studio like I end up doing. Blackbird also has one of the largest collections of vintage recording equipment probably in the country and potentially internationally. Any mic you can think of, they've got it, it works, you literally call the front office and it's in the room within five minutes. Gear the Beatles used in mastering is on hand and completely available to use, you know, just in case you're looking for that sort of thing. It's literally a studio geek's Disneyland and it's such a brilliantly creative place."

Hayes' Live From Blackbird episode also includes his performances of "21," "Mirrors" and "Young and In Love." It begins airing on Thursday (Aug. 6) on YouTube.

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