Ladies just love Hunter Hayes. He's such a nice guy overall, and honestly, what's there not to like? He just sent a video serenade of his song "Invisible" to Erin Catterton from Maryland just one day before she passed away from cancer.

In the video he calls her "a rock star" and one of the most inspiring human beings he has ever come across. According to Win Country, Erin's brother Robert reached out to Hunter's team to try to fulfill her wish to meet her favorite singer. Hunter responded by sending Erin a heartfelt video performance filmed in his hotel room in Los Angeles.

According to Hunter's camp, Erin was able to watch the video on repeat with her family before she passed away. Hunter had hoped to meet Erin in person, and she was able to attend several of his shows over the years. Erin had battled cancer for much of her life. According to Robert, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was just four-years-old. Just a few weeks ago, doctors found a tumor in Erin's uterus. "

Truly a sad story, Erin was only 22.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Erin's family at this time.





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