A New York Superintendent is going viral for his musical snow day message.

Neil Miller, the Superintendent at Cornwall School District in the Hudson Valley invited "Johnny" to sing the message to parents Tuesday, February 12th. Johnny channeled his inner Freddy Mercury, using "Crazy Little Thing Called Love," as his inspiration.

Well this thing called snow
Well I just, I can't handle it
Well this thing called snow
Well I must keep you out of it
Let's have a snow day
Crazy little thing called snow

"I can't figure out if you sound more like Freddy Mercury or Freddy Flinstone, but regardless you got your message across and that message is no school," Neil tells Johnny. "I've got a message for you. Don't quit your day job."

Listen to the creative, fun snow day message below.

"I officially love Neil Miller, Superintendent of Cornwall schools. His announcements are so delightful and entertaining," says Katherine Balbuena.

Miller's messages are so popular some parents let the snow day calls go to voicemail so they can laugh and listen again, according to the Hudson Valley Post.


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