Don't have those special glasses to watch the solar eclipse? You can still see it using a few tricks, or watch it live.

Use Your Phone

With the sun at your back, put your phone in selfie mode and watch over your shoulder. Be advised, the sun will damage your camera lens during extended viewing, past 5 minutes. The phone screen can reflect UV rays back into your eyes, causing solar burns. So just take a picture and don't use for an extended period of time.

Use a Colander

Place a colander above or beside your head with your back to the sun. The holes in the colander will act as your projector, the ground as your screen to view the eclipse. Look at the shadow on the ground. Don't look through the colander directly at the sun.

State 2D/3D Projector

Make your own projector in the shape of New York state or wherever you live. Print out on paper or cardboard from NASA. Cut out the state and then put a hole where you live in the state.

Use Your Hands

You can create your own projector just using your hands. Hold your hand out with fingers slightly out. Cross your other hand, with slightly open fingers on top. Look at the ground, with the sun at your back. The holes between your fingers will act as a projector on the ground.

Use a Tree

The leaves on a tree create several tiny projectors. Look at the shadows on the ground to see the eclipse without harming your eyes.

Watch Live Online

NASA will live stream the eclipse, perfect for anyone not in the direct path. There's even 12 different locations to choose from. The live stream will run from 12pm-4pm.

Welders Helmet

You can use a welders helmet. But make sure it has a shade 14 welding lens to properly protect your eyes. Common welders helmets are shade 10 to 12, so be careful.

DIY Projector

Make your own projector using a cereal box, or any other box, tin foil and tape. Luke Austin shows you how in this step by step video.

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