The cooler temperatures and shorter days has many deer hunters starting to feel the itch. The  Department of Environmental Conservation says now is the time to start scouting for a locations. Here's some tips on picking out the best spot and dates.

Deer are beginning to prep for winter, looking for a steady diet to grow their winter coat. With farm crops nearing harvest and other plants producing their annual fruit, food sources are abundant now. Some items to look for:

Apples – A deer favorite and a great location for trail cameras.

Acorns – Deer prefer white acorns, but they fall early in the fall and don't last long. Red acorns drop later in the season and stay around until spring.

Beech nuts – These can be sporadic, but are an excellent choice if you can find them.

Clover – Sticks around longer than other grasses and resistant to cold.

Logged Wooded Areas - These areas have lots of food availability and can provide bedding cover. Another great place for trail cameras.


Anyone who has hunted for very long know how smart deer can be. A couple of trips into the field can change their patterns, so it's a good idea too have more than one location scouted. And while locations with food are great places, many time deer will feed at night, especially when there is a lot of human activity in the area.


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