Hunters have used lures made with deer urine for years to attract that big buck. Now the Department of Environmental Conservation is considering banning any lure that contains it.

Concerns over Chronic Wasting Disease has the DEC considering the ban. And it has lots of people up in arms. Bow hunters for one, they need to get the deer as close as possible to get a decent shot. New York Deer farmers are another group on the "not happy" list. Part of their incomes from collecting urine to sell.

Proposed regulations would add New York to a growing list of states and Canadian provinces banning deer urine lures in an effort to prevent the spread of chronic wasting disease, a deadly brain infection that's working its way through North American deer, elk and moose populations.


Concerns over Chronic Wasting Disease is why it's also illegal to feed deer. To the credit of the NYDEC, no reports of the disease have been made in the state since 2009. The only state than can boast that fact.


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