Looking to find a cheap eBay auction to bid on? People misspell a ton of things on the internet. When they do this on eBay, generally people don't see the items they are trying to sell. Being able to find those items, can make you own it for much cheaper than it's worth. 

There's a website called fatfingers.com. You can search for what you're exactly looking for on eBay, and it will show you similar auctions with incorrect spelling. That means generally the items have no bids, because no one can find them.

I tested this out using Carrie Underwood as an example. Here's what the site put in for possible spellings:

"carrie underwoood, carrie underwoood, carrrie underwood, carrrie underwood, carrie underwoo, carrie undewood, carie underwood, carie underwood"

I was able to see listings on autographs that had next to nothing on bids, because people couldn't spell correctly.




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