Did you know you can buy "haunted" and "cursed" items on eBay? So, the real question is, would you?

Currently up for sale for the starting bid of $150, or the buy me now option of $210 dollars, is this haunted/cursed mask. The post goes into detail how the current owner found this item, and why they want to get ride of it:


I purchased this beautiful death cast/mask at an estate sale of a property that has been in my town since the early 1800s. It is my STRONG belief that this item is responsible for many horrible things that have happened to my family and myself in the past few months. Bad luck, Health Problems, Financial ruin, death of pets, business loss..all in the past three months.


The buyer got questions on whether or not the item was truly haunted, so they went out and used paranormal equipment to test it out:

I used an EMF detector on this item with alarming results.. I also used dowsing rods above this item.. both times the rods crossed above the mask and my dog went crazy.. If I bring this item into the room he instantly growls and cowers.."

So, would you even consider buying a haunted item?

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