There's no question that it will be hot today at the New York State Fairgrounds in Syracuse. How can you beat the heat?

A Heat Advisory has been issued for most of Central New York Wednesday (8/25) from 11AM until 7PM. This was issued from the National Weather Service out of Binghamton due to the impact from expected excessive heat and humidity. You can read more here.

How can you beat the heat at the fair during a Heat Advisory?

1) The Fair offers more than a dozen misting fans scattered across the fairgrounds, according to CNY Central.

2) Four buildings at the Fair offer air conditioning- The Expo Center, Center of Progress, the Art and Home Center, and the Eatery.

3) Families can fill up water bottles at the Expo Center to stay hydrated.

Also, another way to stay healthy and cool, experts say to eat less protein and more fruits and vegetables.

Protein produces and increases metabolic heat, which causes water loss.

Experts also say to eat small meals, but eat more often, and to avoid salty foods. This may not be the best news to hear if you go to the fair to chow down. Remember to drink at least two to four glasses of water per hour, even if you don't feel thirsty. Another helpful tip, wear sunscreen with a high sun protector factor rating and a hat to protect your face and head.

So far, attendance has not reached the numbers many were expecting for the 2021 fair. Lower attendance was not something many vendors were expecting. Also according to CNY Central, many booths have had to reduce the number of workers they have due to this.

New York State Fair Newbie? Here's What You Should Know

"More than one million people will come together experience the 18-day celebration of delicious food, eye-opening exhibits, captivating entertainment, and great fun. This year’s New York State Fair will showcase numerous animals, hundreds of commercial attractions, scores of exciting midway rides, and dozens of big-name entertainers... all just a short trip from wherever you live!"

If you haven't been to the Fair in Syracuse before here's some tips that some locals think you should know:

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