It's that time of year. We are all filling out our brackets for the big tournament.  May be some big money at stake, right?  Is that why we do it?  Or maybe it's just a friendly bet between friends to see who can get the most picks right?

It's all good fun...until we find out how much it is actually costing your employer.  It seems harmless, but when you add up all of the time spent filling out brackets, responding to emails, checking scores online, etc., it really can add up.

Why is allowed to continue?  The answer is simple...morale.  Sometimes employers need to overlook the little things in an effort to keep the employers happy.

According to NBC news, more than 50.5 million American workers, or 20 percent, could participate in office pools this year. That's up 5 percentage points from last year and 9 points from 2014.  Read more about the impact here.


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