It's happened yet again. Another season of youth sports has been canceled thanks to some disruptive parents. This time, it's Rome Youth Basketball that is impacted.

Back in August, Pop Warner youth football teams in Utica, Rome and Oneida had their seasons canceled after altercations of spectators at games. Some parents of the team members were just as upset as the kids, because they believed the kids shouldn't be held responsible for the actions of "immature adults."

It was announced this week that the remainder of the season for the Rome Youth Basketball league has been canceled. The City of Rome Parks and Recreation Department Deputy Director Ryan Hickey sent a message out to those associated with the league:

Due to the altercation that occurred on Saturday (Feb. 12, 2022), as well as, some of the other issues the league has had, the district has decided to cancel the remainder of the season for both leagues. I am sorry but basketball is done. No more practices or games. Thanks to all for giving your time and effort. Youth sports should be sacred to a community. It is so important to our children and their experience growing up. I think we have lost our way a little. We have to somehow come back together and remember we are all in this together

The cancelation affects the two boys leagues, which have a total participation of just over 200 players, Hickey said. The two leagues are run by the city at school district facilities.

There is a large number of kids, and their parents, that are reacting to this as best as they can, but can you blame them for being angry?

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"I think it’s absolutely ridiculous. My son was part of Bellamy black. He’s heartbroken it got canceled," Nicole Marie Gleba commented on Facebook. "And (he) is giving a hard time going to school again. As far as the parents and coaches that ruined for not only my child but the whole district, I think you’re absolute scum. IT'S CHILDRENS SPORTS. Not the NBA."

"An absolute disgrace and embarrassment," said Amanda Bonanza. "Kids should NOT be punished for immature, absurd parent behavior. Period."

Hickey said there was an incident involving a parent last weekend, but that was the culmination of multiple incidents this season. Two coaches resigned based on interactions with parents, he noted. And, a police report for an incident had to be made earlier this season. For the first time in the league, the city had begun assigning a police officer to each game, he added.

"Parents need to put their pride to the side and simply watch the kids play," said Noah Rodriguez. "A parent getting mad at a coach and/or a referee at the 3rd and 4th grade level is absolutely mind boggling."

The program is being revisited. Is there a different way that this could have been handled? Could the games continue without any spectators, just coaches and players present for the games - or do you have another suggestion? Let us know inside our station app.

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