Watching your child grieve and knowing there is nothing you can do to take away the pain is gut wrenching for a parent. The only thing worse, is being the parent of the one your child is grieving for. No parent should have to bury a child. Especially one as young at 19 year-old Michael Oltmann of Waterville, who was tragically killed Monday, June 22nd in a motorcycle accident.

Mike had been dating our daughter. He treated her with respect, protected her and spoiled her. He even made sure she got home safe after her senior ball. Mike made her smile from the inside and out and was the type of man any mother would be proud to have their daughter dating.

Shayna Fick
Shayna Fick

Although we didn't know Mike long, we feel blessed to have had him in our lives. His time was short but it made a lasting impact and I will carry his smile in my heart and be grateful for the time he spent making our daughter happy.

Our hearts break for his family who's loss is unimaginable.

When you're on the road, please keep an eye for motorcyclists because no family should have to go through the tragedy Michale Oltmann's family is going through.

Don't take life for granted. Hug and kiss the ones closest to you and tell them you love them everyday. You never know when it'll be their last.

Michael Oltmann left a lasting impression because of the man he was and will be greatly missed by many.

Calling hours will be held Monday June 29th 10am-1pm and the funeral will be at 1pm at MKJ Farms in Deansboro.

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