If National Lazy Day was a national holiday and we all had a day off, how would you spend it? Here's how Luke Austin spends a lazy day.

It isn't so often that I get a whole day where I can actually be as lazy as I want, but when I can it's an all day event.

Since today is National Lazy Day, I thought I would share my perfect lazy day with you.

First I start the day a little later than normal, sleeping in counts as lazy right?

The next thing I do is think about getting some food because there's no way I'm cooking(yes, I do the cooking at home). So instead I'll head to a local pizza place like Sorrento's in Ilion, or a diner like Crazy Otto's Empire Diner in Herkimer for some fuel for my lazy day.

After that it's all about hitting the couch. I'll throw on a pair of my favorite sweatpants and either watch some ridiculous comedy movies, binge watch a show online, or pick up a book and read for as long as possible.

Top all of that off with a dinner at my Mom's(she's a better cook than me sometimes), and back home to relax with more movies or reading.

If it's a beautiful, sunny lazy day the girlfriend and I will load up the kayaks and head to Hinckley or Canadarago Lake and paddle around until we get hungry(mostly we just float with a few 'drinks').

That's my perfect lazy day right here in Central New York.

What's yours? Do you have a go-to restaurant on lazy days(delivery included), or would you prefer to stay home and cook?

Does your lazy day mean you're not leaving the house or do you have a perfect lazy day destination? Maybe the golf course?

Let us know what a perfect lazy day in CNY is for you!


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