On Halloween night, we are hosting the Hotel Utica's first ever public ghost hunt. Are there rooms at the hotel that have more paranormal activity than others? We have found three rooms that'll you need to check out and explore on Halloween night. 

Staff members at the hotel have confirmed that Room 410 on the 4th floor is one of the most haunted in the hotel. More paranormal reports have been filed about this room than any where else. One incident filed from the staff members was when the room wasn't even in use:

At the time the room was not in use due to repairs. That room would repeatedly call down to the front desk and when the desk staff would answer no one responded. When checking the room after multiple phone calls, we found that the phone wasn’t even plugged into the jack, so it should not have worked. That room had the shower running at the same time period."

The water was reported to be at a boiling temperature. What would have turned the water on? Who could have made the phone calls to the front desk?

Also two other rooms that are reported to have extreme activity are rooms 408 and 409 on the 4th floor. The hotel has had guests check into those rooms and checked out shortly after arriving because they felt a presence and did not feel comfortable staying in those rooms. Housekeepers also have reported various things moving in the rooms when cleaning them.

Are you ready to explore the 4th floor on Halloween night? What will you find lurking at the Hotel Utica?

Come see if you can find out the truth Halloween night with "Haunts and Legends LIVE" at the Hotel Utica:

TRENDING VIDEO- Haunts and Legends

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