Steeped in history and legends, New York is filled with stories of the forgotten, eerie and the weird that influence us everyday. In the heart of Oneida lies one of the most haunted buildings in all of New York.

Lite 98.7's Eric Meier has teamed up with Folklorist P.W. Creighton to explore the haunts and legends of New York. Through their travels into the dark and often overlooked spaces they will bring these historic sites back to life and make some unexpected discoveries along the way.

In this episode Phil guides the explorers to the downtown Oneida to explore a grand mansion of the 1800’s, a that has become renowned for history and its haunting activity that echoes of through every day.


The Farnam Mansion in Oneida NY is a Victorian mansion decorated in a Dark Shadows theme, a popular ’60s soap opera featuring plenty of vampires and ghosts. While the Gothic theme of the show compliments the classic Victorian woodwork, the former Bed and Breakfast has an even closer tie to the supernatural theme. The Farnam Mansion is host to multiple deceased guests, most of them tied to the long history of the home, and the antiques that decorate it.

Built in the late 1860s by Stephen Farnam, a local business owner and respected citizen of Oneida. Stephen passed away in the home, as did his first wife Elizabeth his son Fred and his daughter Sarah Robinson. It is believed that Stephen, and his son, Fred along with many of the former residents, continue to reside in the home they loved.

The owners as well as many previous guests of the Farnam Mansion have experienced the ghostly phenomena with lights turning on and off, voices, and strange shadows appearing in photographs. Multiple guests have reported odd occurrences. Most interestingly, there is an old clock in the séance room of the Farnam Mansion that makes it known when it needs to be wound. There have been sightings of a spirit standing next to the clock when it is in need of a winding. Once the clock is wound, there are no more sightings of the spirit until the next time the clock starts running down.


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Exploring The Haunted Farnam Mansion In Oneida


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