If you've been following the continuing saga of the home brew that our Big Frog 104 Production Director Geoff Storm has brewed, here's an update. Geoff has been carefully tending a home-brewed batch of Irish Red Ale, which has been "bottle conditioning" or aging for the past three weeks or so. And, last night, I was assigned the taste test. Of course, I accepted.


At this point, the brew poured a rich, creamy head and had that attractive reddish color (after all, it's an Irish Red Ale, right?).  As I poured it, I had these observations: the beer was a bit cloudy and hadn't cleared completely, while the taste was pleasant, malty but not quite rich enough.

After reporting my findings to my friend Geoff, the brewmaster, we agreed that the brew needed to age a few more weeks. So, hold on until next time as this story may finally come to a head. Then again, we may need another taste test or two.

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