Anesthesia can make people do and say funny things. 17 year-old Winnie Carabin of Holland Patent is proof.

Winnie's mom Jenny Webb says "she just had her wisdom teeth taken out and her dad turned his phone on for the ride home. This was their conversation."

Winnie wanted to know if cactuses poop. When her dad, Phillip told her they didn't she became upset. "That's so sad. Why don't they get to poop," cried Winnie.

"Ok let's not worry about cactuses pooping," said dad. "Let's think about happy stuff."

"Like rainbow poop," said Winnie.

I don't know what's funnier, Winnie's poop fascination or watching her trying to eat a milkshake.

"I'm still laughing," says Jenny. So are we.


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