As we get into October, we start thinking about Halloween and ghost stories. One local story that's going around is that the Herkimer Courthouse is haunted. Is it truly haunted with different spirits?

During a paranormal investigation held by the New York Shadow Chasers, a rumored spirit was caught on film:

The Herkimer Courthouse was constructed in 1873. It became a sensation as the site of the 1906 trial of Chester Gillette. Since that time, there have been accounts of spirits and apparitions stalking the courtroom area.  While the courthouse is still in-use by the Herkimer County Sheriff’s Department, the accounts of haunting activity still sticks around locally. Personal Accounts from deputies and court-workers include seeing the apparition of Chester Gillette’s attorney walking the halls, moving objects, phantom footsteps and even the sounds of a trial replaying in the courtroom.

Is it truly haunted? You be the judge on Saturday October 22nd with Herkimer’s Haunted Crossroads Investigation. The 7th annual Haunted History investigation, Herkimer’s Haunted Crossroads Investigation will have explorers investigate the courthouse and jail area. Also investigations will be held at The Eckler Building, and Doctor Suiter’s 1860 medical practice. Investigate these haunted sites with Psychic Carmen Reed of “A Haunting In Connecticut”, and Gettysburg Ghost Gals from “The Dead Files, My Haunted house, and The Haunted”, television shows” and the NY Shadow Chasers from PBS.