One thing is for certain about New York City, on 9/11 it sure was rattled, but you can never take away their spirit. That is evident from these pictures.

Going to The Big Apple is always an adventure, going on September 11th for the 20th anniversary surely lets you see just how amazing the city really is. The events that happened 20 years ago will never be forgotten. It was crystal clear, the lives lost will also never be forgotten.

Of course, New York City was lit up in the colors of old glory, but there was much more than just flags around the city to show the remembrance. It seemed like nearly every block in Manhattan had a very heavy police presence. That may not be all too abnormal for a city with nearly 10 million residents, but many police officers had machine guns in their grips. In certain portions of the city, members of the SWAT team were at the ready if something were to happen. That was a very surreal sight.

Many other surreal and memorable sights could be seen all throughout the city that never sleeps. Memorials like firehouses, showcasing heroes of their unit that lost their lives in and around the towers. Making sure all who passed by were able to see the faces and names of heroes from that somber day 20 years ago. Making sure people saw that those heroes' spirits would live on forever.

There was no shortage of patriotism, and it seemed as if the best New York City had to offer was out and in full effect. Keep scrolling to see a few of the sights from Manhattan.

Sights From New York City on 9/11 For The 20th Anniversary

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