Easter is around the corner, but with COVID-19 sweeping the nation, Peter Cottontail may need some help hopping down the bunny trail. Let's ban together to cover central New York with Easter Eggs this year.

Join the fun by hanging Easter Eggs from trees in your yard.

Photo Credit - Ruth Kurdziolek

Cover windows with bright pictures of eggs.

Photo Credit - Laurie Schaefer

Do both - rainbows and eggs.

Photo Credit - Shorty's Deli - Main Street in Camden

Make a huge rainbow egg on your garage.

Photo Credit -Annamarie Brown Rascoe

Hang them from basketball hoops.

Photo Credit - Ruth Kurdziolek

Get the kids involved.

Photo Credit - Ruth Kurdziolek
Photo Credit - Lesli Allen

The big kids too.

Photo Credit - Ruth Kurdziolek

Get creative. Paint rocks and leave them along a trail or by your mailbox.

Then take a picture of your Easter Eggs, and share it on the 315 Easter Egg Hunt group on Facebook. Be sure to include what town and street the eggs are on so kids can go hunting for them.

Take the kids on a walk or a car ride to see how many they can find in the neighborhood. Keep count to see who spots the most.

Let's cover central New York with colorful egg for the largest Easter Egg Hunt the Easter Bunny has ever seen.

Please leave the eggs where you find them to let everyone enjoy the hunt.