Have you ever left something behind in a hotel during a trip? Did you get it back? I left a watch behind that was given to me as a Christmas present and the staff can't find it.

Sunday morning I took the watch off to take a shower, the only time I ever take it off. I put it on the bathroom counter and forgot to put it back on when I got out of the shower. We packed up, checked out of the hotel 30 minutes later and caught the 5am shuttle to the airport. It wasn't until we were in the air I realized I'd left the watch behind.

I called the Peabody Hotel in Memphis where we stayed when we landed in Syracuse. The front desk said they'd be happy to mail the watch back and transferred my call to another department. I left a message and waited for a call back, that never came.

Monday I called back and talked to someone in the lost and found department. They said nothing was turned in but they would look in my room and call back. No call back, again.

Tuesday I called and asked for hotel management. The woman said she'd look into it and call me back. She did call back but said they couldn't find it and the people who cleaned my room didn't see it either. She also said no one had been in the room since we checked out Sunday.

So my watch just grew legs and walked out of the hotel room on it's own? If it's ever found it'll be easy to identify. It's the one set to EST since I never turned it back an hour when we were in Memphis.

Here's what the watch with legs looks like.

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Kay Jewelers


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