Our Texaco Country Showdown winner and lead singer of the Fulton Chain Gang, Blaine Holcomb, joined me in studio this morning to debut their new album 'Life In the Years.'  The CD is so new, it had to be sent overnight so we could have a copy to play on the air. I don't know what's more exciting; getting the FIRST copy of the album, or getting to spend Friday with Blaine Holcomb.

Blaine does more than just sing and play guitar on the album.  He wrote five of the nine songs on the CD, including their first single 'Different Kind of Green' which they just finished shooting the video for.  It should be out in the next few weeks.

Life In the Years

'Life in the Years' was written by Holcomb and is dedicated to Mike DeLouisa, founding member of the Fulton Chain Gang, who passed away a few years ago from brain cancer.  Blaine says, 'It made a perfect title track to the album since we were dedicating it to Mike.'

Love To Do

'Love to Do' is the only ballad on the album and one of the four songs not written by Blaine. 'Dave Brown wrote this song and it has an older country feel.'


Dave Brown also wrote 'Cheraw,' which unfortunately is a true story.  Blaine says 'all the characters in the song are real people.  It serves as comic relief for the album.  Pay close attention to all the background antics, starring Dave Montany.'

A Long Way From Nashville

'A Long Way From Nashville' is one of my favorite songs on the album.  Blaine says he 'wrote the song with one of his best friends John Montgomery, about a musician who's worked his whole life trying to make it in Nashville, but in the end doesn't hit it big.' Lets hope this doesn't turn out to be a true story for the Fulton Chain Gang.

You can get your copy of 'Life In the Years' at any Fulton Chain Gang show.  For a listing, visit their website at TheFultonChainGang.com. You can also stay up to date on all things Fulton Chain Gang on Facebook.

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