If you are a big fan of having a good time and drinking some good booze, then you need to try Mohawk Valley Moonshine made right here in Central New York! This local take on a southern style favorite began on a starry night with a backyard fire between friends over a glass of whiskey.

Beth Stack and Eric Boyer are the brains behind the DikinDurt Distillery and it is a first for Herkimer County. It took two years of planning, but the dream that was born that Fall evening became a reality in 2014 when they finally opened their doors and their bottles! Their product is already available in many liquor stores and locations around the area including:

  • Summit Hill Liquor - Newport
  • Ramar Liquors - Herkimer
  • Ilion Wine & Spirits - Ilion
  • Happen Inn - Little Falls
  • Valley Wine & Liquors - Herkimer
  • The Ole V.I. - Herkimer
  • Seneca Wine & Liquor - New Hartford
  • Elks Lodge - Little Falls
  • Cangees - Herkimer
  • Fairways Restaurant @ Mohawk Valley Country Club - Little Falls

It's great to see so many local businesses supporting a great local product. DikinDurt is expected to release a full line of flavored moonshines by the end of August 2015.

Get a Behind the Scenes Glance at The DikinDurt Distillery:

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