Meet B.A Snowman. He's 30 foot tall and lives on a dairy farm in Carthage, New York. And he's getting national attention.

Vern Scoville is the man behind the snowman that's been on his farm since 2008.  His neighbors pitch in to help each year, bringing farm equipment to help. "I couldn't do it without all the extra help," says Scoville. "We use the metal part of a pool liner to make the form. We have dump trucks bringing snow in and I have an elevator and that puts the snow up on to the top of it." Tires are added for the buttons and the nose is a construction cone.

As B.A. Snowman became more famous Scoville says they started a food drive and collected 750 pounds of food last year. "The local food banks are appreciative of whatever we do. We'd like to go above 750 this year. But you don't have to bring a donation. You can just come out and see the snowman and take a picture." You can leave non-perishable food items in the bottom button/tire of the snowman.

Vern Scoville
Vern Scoville

Scoville and his snowman have appeared in magazines, on the Travel Channel and could have even been on the TV show 'Tell the Truth.' "They called once and wanted to know if I wanted to do a show," says Scoville. "Course I didn't make the interview. But it was fun just to get a call on it."

What Scoville loves best is watching all the people pull into his farm to see the snowman and take pictures, some from miles away. "The people stopping, I love it. We get a kick out of it. We even had a person come all the way from Montreal once. She knocked on our door to ask if someone could come out and take her picture in front of the snowman."

Mother Nature has been fickle this Winter and Scoville just hopes it stay cold enough and there's enough snow for B.A. Snowman to make it through the season. "Hopefully the weather will hold up so we can change the costumes on the snowman with the holidays coming up. We usually switch it up for Valentine's Day."

Want to check it out? B.A. Snowman is located at 32641 NYS Route 126 in Carthage, New York. "Please just pull in the driveway so you're not blocking traffic."

You can also see him on Facebook and Instagram.


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