A Buffalo Bills fan put all the recent snow in western New York to good use, building an 8 foot snow sculpture of quarterback Josh Allen.

Eric Jones is a professional pumpkin carver and caricature artist. He uses his unique talent to create spectacular snow carvings in West Clarksville, New York where there happens to be lots of snow at his disposal.

A recent storm allowed Jones to build an 8 foot homage to the Bills quarterback, made from only snow and spray paint. "Stop by and take a selfie before he melts away," encourages Jones.

This isn't the first Bills snow sculpture. Jones built a Buffalo helmet after the Bills made the playoffs for the first time in decades.

Photo Credit - Eric Jones

Check out Eric's intricate work on several snow carvings he's already created this winter, along with a few amazing pumpkin carvings you have to see to believe.

Spectacular Snow Carvings

Eric also does professional caricatures. He recently created a shirt with Allen and Patrick Mahomes just in time for the AFC Championship game. You can see his work and order one for yourself at Giveacaricature.com or visit his Instagram page.

Photo Credit - Eric Jones

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