If you're looking for a patty melt, hamburger, milk shake, and a paranormal experience, look no further than Ohana's 1950's Diner in Tupper Lake New York.

Due to COVID 19, currently Ohana's is closed. Let's get you excited for when they re-open, with all their paranormal history. 

Ohana's Diner is located at 284 Park Street in Tupper Lake. It's currently a diner, but that wasn't always it's history:

Ohana's Diner began as a repair business, then reopened as a restaurant before it finally opened as the diner it is today. Oddly enough, as each new iteration of the business opened, incorporeal spirits reportedly became more and more active.

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Workers at the diner have reported hearing someone whisper their names, and they have witnessed objects move across the restaurant. The most haunted part of the restaurant is the hallway between the kitchen and the bathroom.

If you go, look out for the jukebox changing volume suddenly, or the popcorn popper turning itself on.

Ohana’s owner, Amanda Gonyea-Kelly, has had several paranormal experiences. Amanda said it started when she and her husband, Mike, began renovating the place. As he was working in the attic, he heard voices and someone calling his name. Of course, no one was there.

After Ohana’s opened, Amanda’s sister was cleaning the place after it closed one night when she saw the two young men in 1920's attire standing in the hallway that leads into the kitchen. You can read several other paranormal reports here.

“A lot of the activity seems to be centered around the attic, in the bar and hallway area,” Amanda said. “Maybe in the past, those two guys did live in the attic.”"

Take a visit for yourself, once the restaurant opens back up.


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