If you're looking to get away for your house Halloween night, why not going out to dinner and why not make it haunted?

Do you like to get scared but you've already done all of the haunted hayrides in the area? Looking for something "real?" Check out one of these restaurants that are actually haunted from New York Upstate.

  • Brae Loch Inn, Cazenovia: The Scottish Inn, that began only as a summer destination after World War II, serves Scottish cuisine like shepherd's pie. It's home to a little girl in a blue dress who will show you to your room. "Other tales include a man and woman walking through closets and light orbs floating through canopy beds."
  • Belhurst Castle, Geneva: A former casino and speakeasy is said to be haunted by Isabella, an Italian opera singer, the castle's most famous ghost. People have seen her walking the shores of Seneca Lake, while others have seen showers turning on and off, moving furniture and flying glasses.
  • Parkview Restaurant & Pub, Oswego: The oldest continually run business in the heart of Oswego is full of secrets on the second floor, including a chiming bell and moving objects.
  • Bull's Head Inn, Cobleskill: Since it was built in 1802, it has been "a town hall, a courthouse and meeting hall, an inn, a residence and, since the 1960s, an inn again." The former owner's wife was a member of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union so they say to be careful if you decide to have a drink inside. People have said they've seen "a woman wearing a white gown moving around the central staircase" who flips napkins, slams doors, and more.
  • Grapevine Farms, Cobleskill: The original owners are buried on the farm and some say they still roam the halls and staircases. Other reports are of small children  running around.
  • Historic Hotel, Broadalbin: The hotel was once a Keeley Cure inebriate hospital in 1895 that provided treatment to alcoholics. One of the doctors supposedly created the "gold cure" that was called “unmitigated charlatanry and quackery” by the community. Now, people have said they've seen ghosts in military uniforms on the staircase and figures in the windows.
  • The Sagamore, Bolton Landing: It's not a secret this hotel is most likely haunted. Most of the sightings are said to be past guests and staff members. Specifically one named Lillian, in her 20s, who often stayed at the hotel. "She usually wears a pinkish brown dress with lace at the waist and sleeves" and stares at the lake. Also, a man named Walter who stands near the elevators.

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