Halloween may be one of the most dangerous times of the year for pets. Cornell Cooperative Extension recommends keeping a close eye on dogs and cats tonight.

Dr. Bruce Kornreich, Associate Director of the Cornell Feline Health Center and Dr. Brian Collins, head of the Community Service Practice at Cornell University’s Hospital for Animals, both says there's lots of dangerous things occurring all in one night. And none of their concerns are about pets freaking out from being crammed into a costume.

The 3 biggest concerns:

  • Increased number of people coming to the door. It has dogs and cats on edge and creates a greater opportunity for them to run out the door when opened. They suggest keeping them in another room for the night or at least through trick or treat hours.
  • Pets getting into the treats. We all know dogs and chocolate don't mix while cats leave a surprise in your shoes the next morning.
  • Cats can be especially dangerous around decorations. Anything new must be investigated and in the case of Halloween decorations the danger extends to creating a fire hazard with candles and lights.

A couple of other things to consider are costumes. They may look cute, but pets are usually uncomfortable in them so make sure they have to room to move and breathe. And finally if you have a black cat, do not let it outside tonight.


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