A group of strangers came together to help a waitress, who is a single mom with three kids, with a big tip for the holidays.

Meet Whitney Lawrence of Rome. She's a waitress at Red Lobster in New Hartford. Whitney is working to not only earn enough money to support her and her three children, but she's spent the last 10 years working on her degree in Forensic Science. "I'm the first generation in my family to go to college. My nephew is now looking to go to college too."

If school debt wasn't enough, Whitney's raising three kids aged 14, 12 and 5. "The oldest one has epilepsy," she explained.

How does Whitney juggle it all? "No sleep," she joked. "You just do what you gotta do."

Strangers from Canada and the U.S. have been donating to Kitchen Chaos Pay Off. Every Friday we pass those donations on to people who have been working hard during COVID and could use a little help. To help ease the burden, Whitney was given a $300 tip. $100 for each of her children.

Watch the touching moment that brought Whitney to tears.

Every Friday in the month of December, we'll surprise someone who could use a little help, especially during a COVID Christmas. If you want to help too, you can donate on Venmo @Polly-McAdams or Paypal at https://paypal.me/PollyMcAdams. If you want to mail a check, email Polly@bigfrog104.com for an address.

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