There's recalls and then there's this, an Arizona company is recalling nearly 7 million pounds of ground beef. USDA authorities say the meat is contaminated with Salmonella Newport, the most common cause of food poisoning. So far 57 people in 16 states have become ill. Here are the brands to avoid.

As you can imagine, trying to track down 7 million pounds of ground beef is quite the task. Shipments of the tainted meat went nationwide and the USDA and CDIC have watched Salmonella reports begin in the west and move east through Ohio to date. The recalled packages have “EST. 267” stamped inside the USDA label and carry these brand names:

  • 5 Star Beef
  • Cedar River Farms
  • Showcase
  • La Herencia
  • Four Star
  • Clear River
  • Thinkpure

The USDA's website has more information on the recall and again with such a huge amount being recalled, there are many product labels involved, here's the complete list.  Currently, officials are trying to determine what stores received the contaminated ground beef and will provide a list of retailers at their current recalls page.


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