Tickets to a Green Bay Packers game, $75.  Parking at the game $20.  Beer and hotdogs $50.  Getting tackled on the field by a lineman, priceless.

A 15 year old fan thought it would be fun to take to Lambeau field during the Packers/Detroit Lions game Sunday.  He leaped from the stands and ran around waving his arms in the air, before being tackled by linebacker Brad Jones.  Jones told reporters he just wanted to get the game going again because 'he was cold.'  'I think he was still laughing,' Jones said. 'I think I could still hear him. Maybe not. I was just happy to get the game back going again.'

Most didn't see the action live on TV, since it occurred during a time out.  But the video has gone viral and even though the Packers are in the playoffs, its not what everyone is talking about.  'Everybody has asked me about it,' Jones said during his first chat with reporters. 'Probably every five minutes.'

The 15 year old fan was said to be 'completely sober,' but he is no longer welcome at Lambeau Field.  He was charged with unlawful conduct at a public event, released on an $870 bond and is due in court  Feb. 14.  His bumps and bruises I'm sure he suffered in the tackle should be healed by then.  His memory of the event will last forever!

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