Did you know that Brad Paisley is a huge Green Bay Packers fan? Yeah! He was hoping his trip to Ashwaubenon, WI was going to be one celebrating and rallying for the Super Bowl, but the Seahawks ended that dream real quick. The show must go on right? It definitely did at the Resch Center and Brad was even joined on stage by a special guest!

To the delight of a crowd of 6,049, the Packers wide receiver had made a surprise appearance earlier in the show, walking out unceremoniously to hand Paisley a guitar during 'I'm Still a Guy' and then taking a selfie together.


Brad's Twitter account that he had a blast in the home state of the NFC North Champions!

Packer Fans Love Their Cheese!

Jordy Nelson Selfie

Jordy Nelson Could Be A Roadie In The Off-Season

I love that Paisley went with the ACME Packers shirt! Very nice. I do believe it would have been an even better concert if the boys were going to be playing in the big game, but there is always next year! One of the best moments of the concert was a pass from Paisley to Jordy in the final minutes. It wasn't a ball though, it was a bottle of Bud Light fully inflated (with beer).

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