Recently, we reported that tubing with West Canada Creek Tubing was no longer operating for the remainder of the summer due to new rules set by New York State. Although they are no longer transporting tubers, they are in fact still transporting tubes and allowing customers to rent tubes for floating.

In the past, West Canada Creek Tubing has had a shuttle to transport tubers and tubes alike to whatever drop off location they wanted to travel to. Effective now for anyone who wants some time to float, you will still be able to go to the campground to use their air pumps and they will be able to bring your tubes to your designated drop off point - you just can't ride the shuttle. Bring two vehicles: one to leave at the campground and one to drive to the drop off point.

Too many tubes to transport? No worries. Simply come to our park, inflate your tubes. We will load them into our bus. Leave one car here and the rest can follow us up to the starting point of your choice. Complete your float and then take your car back to lot where you started. Again, the furthest distance is only 7 miles.

Transporting the tubes can in fact be the hardest part depending on how many people in the group you have. The campground will shuttle the tubes for $15 per group.

You also have the chance to rent tubes from the campground if you don't have your own. The short trip is $15/person, medium is $25/person, and the longest trip is $30/person. Call the campground to make a reservation if you're interested in renting.

Are you excited that tubing isn't officially shut down for the summer? We know we are. It's a summer staple for many of us, and with the weather, many haven't been able to go. Planning to take the water? Let us know inside our station app (and send pictures!)

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