Artist Keren Vita has been working tirelessly on an elaborate mural on the Adirondack Bank building in Utica. Sometime this weekend, it was defaced by graffiti.

Credit: Michelle McCarrick Truett

The mural, rendered partially in black and white and animated with splashes of color, has been an ongoing project by Keren Vita. The mural was commissioned by Joanie Grande and Tom Clark of Adirondack Bank.

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"They wanted a mural of specific Utica landmarks while also paying homage to the birds they hold so dearly downtown. The peregrine falcon. I drew up the design with the idea that these birds, being the fastest in the world, are protecting our city," Keren says.

Keren says the mural was a week from completion before it was 'tagged'.

Keren says she refuses to be discouraged by the vandalism. "I am throwing the INKORPORATED GALLERY and GIFT SHOP on October 3rd from 5-10pm to celebrate the completion of the wall, my birthday and to celebrate some hidden gems in our community. It really brings me joy to showcase artists and it's going to be a beautiful time."

In the meantime, she says, "Adirondack Bank is looking at the cameras as we speak....and than we will contact the authorities to either find them or to look at surrounding cameras."

If you know who the tag belongs to, contact Keren Vita on Facebook.

Credit: Keren Vita



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