Looking for gold? In theory, New York state could have a rich deposit of it. However, is it illegal to go gold mining and keep your findings?

In New York State, there is a law that dates back to 1776. This law dictates that any gold found in the state will remain the property of the State of New York. The effect of this law that is still on the books, and in turn, has discouraged many from even trying.

You may ask, what if I find this on my property? What if I find a cave under my basement full of gold? Unfortunately, it's not your gold. This law applies whether the gold is discovered on public land or even if it is found on private property. You could find gold bricks in your backyard, and in theory, they are property of New York.

You can prospect for gold in New York, Central New York, or Upstate, you just can’t keep the gold. Gold mining isn't illegal, you just can't keep it.



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