The CharlesTown USA Mall in Utica has been closed since the early 90s. Dan Laroe took a tour through the abandoned building for his latest exploration.

Laroe, who explores abandoned buildings in the north east had heard about CharlesTown USA Mall, and decided to take a look. "After exploring floor after floor of long hallways and long lost outlet stores, I realized I came here as a child with my parents shopping. There is so much to see, including a beautiful outdoor patio that surrounds a man made pond. I wish I appreciated my trips here as a kid more now after seeing how great this place was and not just dreading it as a day of school clothes shopping," says Laroe.

The mall started as a manufacturing plant during WWI and WWII and was turned into an outlet mall in 1982. The mall closed in 1991 and became a business complex, according to the Standard Journal.

A local attorney bought the property in 2007, but plans to rehabilitate the building were halted after work was being done without permits according to a federal EPA report.

In 1969 the mall was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

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