The old abandoned Charlestown USA Mall has been reduced to rubble after the massive fire in the early morning hours of August 27, 2020. Check out the destruction from a drone.

The blaze broke out around 1:30am burning on and off, for a few days. On Sunday August 30th, John Ivory droned the site. "The old arms factory looked like something out of WW2 Europe," Railroading Rambler said on YouTube.

Smoke and ash from the fire covered the lower side of East Utica, prompting the Utica Fire Department to advise residents to keep windows closed and stay indoors.

Charlestown USA Mall Fire

The CharlesTown USA Mall started as a manufacturing plant during WWI and WWII and was turned into an outlet mall in 1982. The mall closed in 1991 and became a business complex, according to the Standard Journal.

A local attorney bought the property in 2007, but plans to rehabilitate the building were halted after work was being done without permits according to a federal EPA report.

In 1969 the mall was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Take a tour inside the Charlestown USA Mall with Dan Laroe of Northeastern Abandoned Exploration.

Look Inside CharlesTown USA Mall

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