Go back in time to when dinosaurs roamed the earth at Dino-Roar Valley, opening in New York this Spring. The new experience will be part of the Magic Forest amusement park in Lake George that is under new ownership.

Ruben Ellsworth of Lake George, NY bought the Magic Forest amusement park from Jack Gillette, who owned it for 55 years. “Since 1963, my family has enjoyed seeing the smiling faces of children and their families,” said Jack Gillette. “I’m happy to see the property continue under new ownership and I look forward to seeing future generations enjoy these new attractions at the expedition park.”

The Dino-Road Valley is one step closer after the Lake George Planning Board approved the park plans, according to Times Union.

Dino-Roar will take you back to a prehistoric time when dinosaurs once roamed. Embark on an expedition of discovery; climb into a dinosaur nest; dig for hidden fossils, and stand next to possibly the world’s largest dinosaur ever discovered – The Titanosaurus.

"The vision is to create a destination that will allow visitors to explore and immerse themselves into unique outdoor environments that transport them to other places through hands-on experiences and themed engagement," said Ellsworth.

The Magic Forest and Dino-Roar Valley is located on Route 9 between Lake George and Queensbury. It's expected to be open sometime this Spring.

Photo Credit - Lake George Expedition Park
Photo Credit - Lake George Expedition Park

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