Besides destroying the entire planet, could global warming destroy Saranac and Utica Club beer?

Now, we aren't here to start debates about climate change or global warming. We wanted to report on this one interesting factoid we found. According to Naked Capitalism, certain foods could disappear thanks to our changing climate. One of those foods/drinks could be our prized Utica Club and Saranac beers.

According to THEM, beer is already a victim of a changing climate;

According to a 2010 report commissioned by the National Resources Defense Council, about a third of counties in the United States “will face higher risks of water shortages by mid-century as the result of global warming.” Some specialty hops used by craft brewers have already become harder to source, since warming winters are producing earlier and smaller yields."

Other foods they listed that could be in danger include coffee, wine, and seafood.

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