We love sharing videos of all sorts with you and watching to see which will be your favorite. These five videos were watched the most by you throughout the last year!

#5 Is the Hand of God Captured in Oriskany Falls Fire Photos - 11,180

A photographer caught what many people think looks like a hand holding up the building at a warehouse fire in Oriskany Falls. What do you think?

#4 UFO Sightings - 12,757 views

Amanda of Oneida says she saw a “weird light in the distance while walking down Route 5 Saturday night, May 7th. I kept watching it and all of sudden it was right in front of me.”

#3 A Look At Lucille Ball's Norwich Vacation Home - 18,617 views

Did you know that Lucille Ball was from Jamestown New York? She was a huge fan of New York, so much she even had a vacation home nearby Central New York. She owned a home in Norwich near Chenango Lake, and now that home is up for sale.

#2 Camden Boy Steals Show From Luke Bryan - 27,953 views

Ryan Wines of Camden may be little but he also may be Luke Bryan’s biggest fan. The 7 year-old was ‘shakin’ it’ from the first note of the ‘Kill the Lights’ concert in Syracuse, stealing the show.

#1 Utica Marine's Surprise Homecoming - 30,940 views

Before going into surgery Shirrice Nonleucha told her mother, “The only thing I want when I wake up is to see my brother.” She got her wish when her brother William, who has been stationed in Okinawa for the past 2 years, came home a month early.

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