New York state is handing out free air conditioners. It's part of the Home Energy Assistance Program to help people stay cool this Summer.

"When the heat and humidity of summer arrives, it's important that vulnerable New Yorkers are able to stay safe and comfortable in their homes," Governor Cuomo said. "I encourage anyone with a medical condition that is worsened by high temperatures to apply now, so an air conditioner can be installed before the first heat wave hits."

To qualify, you must meet HEAP requirements and income guidelines, which vary, and have at least one member of the household that suffers from a documented medical condition exacerbated by extreme heat. A household of four can earn almost $54,000 a year or a little over $4,400 a month, and qualify for assistance.

$3 million in federal funding is available to provide an air conditioning unit or fan, to eligible households. 4000 took advantage of the program last year. To see if you qualify, you can apply for HEAP.


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