Patti Kenneally of Frankfort and Randy Owen of Alabama have one thing in common. They've both battled cancer. Randy's battle is over but Patti is still fighting and she's got an army of support and prayers, including from Owen who brought her on stage at their recent concert in Utica.

"She’s still in awe over the experience," says Patti's daughter Kayla. "She had no idea until security grabbed her to come up on stage."

When Patti did make it up to the stage she took full advantage, grabbing a hug, autograph and even stole a kiss. "We're going to be praying for you," Owen told Patti. "I know miracles can happen. 9 and a half years ago they told me I had cancer. I don't have it no more."

Photo Credit: Dana Graves/TSM

Patti's family prays she'll be able to say those same words one day. "She’s been through a lot this past year but is always in great spirits," says Kayla. "She’s a fighter.  But it’s amazing how this woman is a completely different person since being diagnosed last year. She’s doing things nobody ever thought she would, like going to a concert or the Hoover Dam."

Kayla Davis

The experience of getting to meet her favorite band of all time left Patti in tears. "She cried," says Kayla. "She couldn’t stop hugging and touching them. And people were  telling her they’re praying for her after the show."

The special moment won't just be one Patti will never forget either. "To see her be able to meet them was heartwarming and knowing how much that meant to her will live with us for a lifetime," says Kayla.

There really are angels among us!