Guys, what would happen if you forgot about your partner's birthday? How about your wedding anniversary? Well, it's not such an uncommon occurrence, according to insurance company Sheilas' Wheels.

In a survey, Sheilas' Wheels found that half of the men polled didn't know what day their wedding anniversary was. So, not remembering the day you got married is bad enough, right? How about re-gifting a present? Of those men under 25 years old who took part in the survey, 10 percent have given their wife or girlfriend a gift that has been a re-gift.

Now, to make matters worse, 20 percent of women have bought flowers for themselves instead of waiting for their significant other to do so. But, when your man does remember to get flowers for you on that special occasion, he gets them at the gas station--well, 25 percent of men do, according to the survey.

Have you ever forgotten about an anniversary?