We’ve teamed up with Whites Farm Supply and James Wesley to ‘Thank a Farmer‘ at FrogFest.  We’ve been asking you to nominate farmers who deserve recognition and 2 will be James Wesley’s special guests at FrogFest June 15th. Today we recognize David and Justin Fitch of West Winfield nominated by Michele Glassel.

'The father and son team run a large dairy operation in Herkimer County. Dave (Dad) does the field work and Justin milks 200+ head of cows. Justin is 21 years old and has been milking cows since he was 10. I have never met anyone like Justin before...he just loves his cows. He can tell by the udders which cow is which. They are all named and he treats them like they were his "family.' He is patient, diligent and kind to his animals.


In addition to cows, Justin and his sister, Kaitlyn have raised and trained many miniature horses. Dave, Justin, Kaitlyn and Robin (Mom) all work hard to keep the farm running smoothly and to supply clean and healthy milk to us consumers. Justin is a one-in-a-million young man and I feel he deserves this recognition.

Thank you very much. Michele and Glenn Glassel

Jim Suslosky also nominated the Fitch family farm.  He had no story but wanted this hard working family to be recognized

Thank you Michele, Glenn and Jim for your nominations and thank you Justin & David Fitch for what you do everyday. We’ll put you in the random drawing to be James Wesley’s special guests at FrogFest June 15th, so he can ‘Thank a Farmer.’

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