Central New York farmers need help after a fire destroyed the equipment they need to run the farm and feed their cows.

The life of a farmer is hard. For the Fitch family, it's been especially difficult lately. They were on the brink of having to sell the farm that's been in the family for decades, but managed to save it a few years ago. Now they're struggling again.

Robin and Dave Fitch were asleep when they heard a loud noise. The sight out their window was devastating. The heifer barn was engulfed in flames. Luckily the cows weren't in the barn, but their daily farming equipment was, including a manure spreader, fertilizer wagon and 2 tractors. Intense heat also damaged a corn planter, bagger and wrapper.

Photo Credit - Robin Fitch
Photo Credit - Robin Fitch

The Fitch family is now having to buy food for their cows as the food in the fields spoil because they don't have the equipment to collect it.

If any farmer can help the Fitch family with equipment, please reach out to Robin Fitch on Facebook. A Go Fund Me campaign has also been set up for the family.

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