A Verona Beach restaurant is closed indefinitely after a fire.

The small fire broke out The Spaghetti Factory over the weekend. Although it was contained to a portion of the kitchen, storage space and restroom, the blaze caused enough damage for the restaurant to close until further notice and affected Mother's Day reservations that had to be cancelled. The Spaghetti Factory Facebook page notified customers of the incident.

We regretfully will not be open today, or in the immediate future. Damage contained to small portion of the kitchen, storage space, and restroom. To the more than 450 people we had hoped to share today with, our sincerest apologies as we work to reopen, as quickly as possible.

As the owners work to rebuild and reopen, they took time to thank the volunteer firefighters who worked to save the restaurant.

The fire is believed to have started when a piece of kitchen equipment malfunctioned. Luckily there were no injuries.

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